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What's in a name

What's in a name?

The drive of a young entrepreneur and the expertise of a more experienced one brought Fu_Shing together. Father and daughter put their ideas together and launched a Belgian cosmetics brand with an exclusive focus on natural skincare.


The name of the brand has its roots in the Chinese language. The literal translation is “Renewal”. Fu_Shing stands for natural skincare with a renewed view on the skin but also on what cosmetics can and should be.

We go back to basics and chose for qualitative natural products that are renowned for their healthy effects on the body and its skin. All ingredients have been harvested on the places where they appear naturally. Only the functional components are used, without the addition of the preservatives or parabens.naturally. 
The combination of cosmetics and aromatherapy, deliberately chosen to enhance each other, will give you an unique experience, fulfilling your wishes or needs each moment of the day.