The powerful properties of lavender

The bush with purple flowers that can be found in the South of France and the Mediterranean. Lavender is well known for its specific scent. Its little flowers can be found on many occasions: small lavender sachets in the closet as moth repellent, lavender oil in bathing products and diffusers, or mixed into a herb mix are some that come to mind. But why is it that this flower is so popular?




The plant grows best in sunny areas with a chalky soil. She does not like moist grounds. Depending on the area, lavender will blossom between June and August. A must see in the Provence: stretches of land turned completely purple.

There are many varieties of this plant with gender Lavandula. Lavandula Angustifolia is the most common one. Other types varieties differ in their origin, form of the plant and flowers. Some of them are stronger or differ in smell.

The healing powers of lavender are the most important reason why this plant is so well-known. The use of lavender for her smell can already be found in early history. The Egyptians used it in pomades, the Greeks and Romans in their baths. Later on the herb has been used as lice and insect repellent. There are even traces of its used against the Plague. In World War I lavender was applied as wound disinfectant.

A lot of research has thus been done. Take a look at some of its properties:

-          Anti-inflammatory

-          Disinfectant

-          Calming and pain killing

-          Soothing

-          Relaxing

The first three properties have an effect on body and skin. The latter two are aimed at the human psyche.

Lavender can appear in many different forms. You can find the plant in a garden, dried flowers in a closet or potpourri, and the oil in your diffuser or other oils. Notwithstanding that it is very common, the risks of allergy, especially contact allergy, are relatively high. An abundant use of lavender is never good and can cause health issues. Pay attention that the quantities are respected and follow the instructions carefully.