Argan Oil is truly a wonderful oil

Argan Oil is truly a wonderful oil. Yet you might have some doubts upon hearing this. Especially if your hair goes greasy after one day, you will not be willing to put even more oil on it. Yet the contrary is true. Argan oil nourishes and hydrates the hair but also the scalp.


A little bit of biology

Our hair goes through a lot: if we go outside it is exposed to wind and sun, if we pull on a sweater our hair rubs against it, if we go swimming, there is chlorine or salt in the water, and even when we sleep we lay on it. These many strands on our head must be incredibly strong, if you think about it.





But not everybody has the same type of hair: dry, curly, fragile, greasy, straight, etc. We can all find something to say about our hair. The basis is the same, but our DNA changes a little. If we would examine a hair strand, we would see that it is made up of 3 main layers and a protective outer layer. The latter has the same function as the protective layer on our skin: offer protection in all circumstances, in order to keep the next layer safe. The next layer is called the cuticle. This layer is formed by cells that lay over each other and form scales.

A cuticle layer in bad condition will make our hair break or frizz. Mainly people with dry hair will know all about it. We can mostly link this to water shortage in the layer. When the scales are not closely together, they can point in all directions. Water will not be held in. The hair will be less solid and break more easily. You can prevent this by using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner: after 2 weeks your hair will be stronger and easier to style.

Argan oil can help you along this path. The natural oil is quickly absorbed into the hair strands and nourishes and moisturizes them. The best way to obtain this effect: add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner, or look for products with argan oil in it.




Styling and oil

Heat treatments, like straighteners and hairdryers, can be really bad for your hair. When the protective layer is weak or damaged, the moist that we just put in by using our shampoo or conditioner, will evaporate immediately upon using these tools. We can solve this by applying a few drops of argan oil on our towel dry hair. Comb the oil well through your hair so that all strands are slightly covered. The oil adds another protective layer, keeping the moist in. In addition, you will remark that once you have applied the oil, you will be able to comb through it more easily.

Are you tired of having dull hair after washing it? Apply a few drops on your dry strands. Don’t use too much. This layer of oil will function as a protective film. Shiny hair assured!


SOS for greasy hair!

Often the cause of greasy hair is to be found in a dry scalp. This can happen by washing your hair too often. Strange but true, this makes your hair even greasier.

Sebum is skin’s protective layer. When you wash your hair, the sebum on your scalp will be washed away too. Your scalp will produce sebum even faster when you wash it too often. The sebum will spread over your strands making your hair greasy. To solve the problem we need to take care of the scalp: put a little bit of argan oil on your scalp and massage it well into the skin. The skin will be provided by an extra protective layer and the sebum production can relax a little.


Golden Tip

At last one more golden tip: never use too much argan oil at once! Use it sparingly unless your are looking for a hair mask: apply the oil to your hair until every strand is well covered in oil. Leave it for at least 30 minutes before washing it out.